Cream of Dallas Ad Agencies – Moving Brands Forward


Our client came to us with vodka and a dream. A dream to create a vodka brand that was fun, inviting and had legs to grow as one of the first locally crafted vodka’s in Dallas, TX. We had the opportunity to name, brand and create the story of Texas Wildflower. Texas wildflowers are the original free spirits. And, in admiration of their individuality, we have created Texas Wildflower Spirits, with fresh, natural flavors and colorful personalities of their own.


Wanting to be much more than a yoga studio, Dallas entrepreneur Rose Fitzgerald challenged greenlight to develop a brand identity that would help create a community in the inspired space she was creating. Evoking a hand-drawn feel, the Plum logo we developed is cheerful, clean and current.  


While enjoying the amazing, authentic Neopolitan pizza Jay Jerrier served out of a mobile pizza oven, we knew we had to work with this guy when he opened his first brick and mortar restaurant. From brand positioning through menu design and onsite graphics we helped shape this most irreverent pizza brand.  


In the Loop. When someone says "inside the loop" what does that really mean? We know it means location, but it also means in the know. In style. Connected. In the moment. Proximity to the inside scoop. Going where the locals go. Part of the community. Being close to the action/entertainment/fun - having everything you want within reach. This concept plays into those ideas, and the idea of exclusivity, with a design element that puts the high-fashion photography inside of a "loop." In our ads, outside of "the loop" is monochromatic, while inside of the loop, our photography is bold and colorful. Beyond the ad campaign, this notion of "in the loop" works well with Lady Derek, as well as all other forms of communication seen throughout the hotel, in room amenities, etc. 

Performance: For the first time in the hotel's history, Hotel Derek has been ranked as a 4-star award winner with Forbes. Greenlight's creative vision can be found at every turn within this energy-filled property. Throughout our 18-month relationship, we have reconcepted the in-room collateral, catering sales support, past guest marketing and executed a national ad campaign.