Cream of Dallas Ad Agencies – Moving Brands Forward

“To avoid criticism, say nothing, do nothing, be nothing.”


In advertising, the concept of avoiding criticism is laughable. Despite this truth, it is still human nature to avoid the negatives. No one wants to work on a project for weeks or months, only to have a client, a coworker, or even a peer call the baby ugly. This fear heightens when one attempts to do what has never been done before. There is a first for everything, and that is because no one, until that moment, has had the guts to do it; the gall to say, “If this burns down in flames, at least I will know whether or not it could be done.”


If greenlight has taught me anything during my time as an intern, it is how to have the courage to create, undeterred by looming criticism. I can’t speak for the team as to whether or not this was intentional; more so, I have grasped this virtue of courage through simple observation of the greenlight team. When someone has a killer idea, there is never hesitation as to whether or not it should be shared with the rest of the team. It is simply an instinct to get the idea on the table and to see how successful it can be. Not only this, but our fateful leaders Olivia and Erik have taken what was once just an idea for inspiring workspace and have turned it into what will soon be completely transforming the way business professionals work and think as we know it. I consider myself lucky to be interning at greenlight as this incredible idea takes a physical form and launches into the Dallas-sphere and anyone out there reading this better keep an open eye for what greenlight is about to unveil.