Cream of Dallas Ad Agencies – Moving Brands Forward

“You don’t paddle against the current, you paddle with it. And if you get good at it, you throw away the oars.”

In advertising, it is always important to be aware of what is going on in the world; always be aware of the direction the current is flowing. Then, there is a point where you know something is going to be big before it even enters the picture. In a world where there are no such things as new ideas, it is critical to be the first to notice when there is a big idea being put into motion.

Here in the “Can-do-city,” there is constant motion. Emerging as a major hub for entrepreneurs, Dallas is always on the edge of the next big thing. Where are all of these entrepreneurs working from?

Co-working spaces.

Co-working as we know it was officially started in 2005 and has only continued to grow in the last 11 years. While I love the concept of a space for creative minds to put their ideas into motion, it all seems a little crowded. While most co-working spaces boast about collaboration, this strikes me as a way of talking up a distraction. Frankly, co-working is turning into a ‘been there, done that’ situation. Even if there are no new ideas, co-working is as far from a new idea as one can come.

Dallas needs a space that inspires and coordinates big ideas in anyone who chooses to use it, whether it’s the rookie with a new startup or a seasoned business professional in need of an off-site space for innovative thinking. Empty of distractions and full of innovations, Dallas needs a space where big ideas can be put into motion. A space devoted to the people who need it.

At greenlight, I have had an opportunity few interns will experience. This opportunity has consisted of innovating space, collaborating ideas, and inspiring action. I have had the privilege to join forces with the powerful minds at greenlight to create a space that will serve as a hub for the powerful minds of Dallas and beyond. greenlight is creating something that can be categorized as inspired meeting space, but is so much more. I know this to be true because I’ve experienced the impact this space has had on every person to walk through the doors at greenlight. These people know how to pull greatness out of anyone, and I personally cannot wait to see the innovative ideas that come from this new collaborative space greenlight has in the works. Co-working spaces in Dallas better thread lightly, because the current is about to start shifting.