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One of the most important ways to attract someone to your workplace, whether it is an employee or client, is by paying close attention to the design and layout of your office space. It speaks volumes about the culture, productivity, and employee attitude without having to explicitly say anything at all.

As obvious as it may sound, the aesthetic of a workplace affects the productivity of its workers. But it must be known that every single decision made in terms of layout, artwork, desk space, etc. has an impact on employee productivity and engagement. There have been multiple studies conducted on this topic and its findings are noteworthy. According to Hassell's research, workplace design can be more effective in employee engagement and productivity than a higher salary. While a higher salary may appeal to an employee on a surface level, the psychological effects of design go deeper than one could predict.

Especially within a creative agency, it is vital that the environment of the workplace is not distracting. It should encourage employees to see the possibilities and results they are able to produce within project parameters. It should foster collaboration. It should emphasize open communication.

Recently, greenlight has been working hard to make use of the new office space in the most productive way. Not only does greenlight know that employees feel comfortable here, but they should feel inspired. The white walls on the interior and exterior of greenlight evoke a sense of a blank canvas that lend itself to the vision of what could be creatively. The open floor plan used emphasizes the importance of collaboration in an agency. There is endless opportunity to work with the input of your coworkers, which is incredibly valuable. By easily providing the opportunity to work together, increased employee engagement skyrockets. To be aware of all that is going on around the office, whether you are aware of the certain project or not, makes all employees feel like they are a part of the team.

The facilities that a workplace offers also affect productivity. greenlight's plan to implement an at-work gym creates a sense of convenience where one can find means to satisfy all needs at one place. Given that the advertising industry can be very stressful, greenlight is providing the means for a healthy outlet to relieve any stress that work may cause. The full kitchen allows for group meals, which continue to foster engagement and friendships between employees.

There is so much more that greenlight is doing with the new space, and as they continue to add, it is clear to see the positive effect it has on employees. The workplace should not be somewhere that you feel confined in your ideas and actions; it should encourage an open flow of communication to enhance employee productivity.