Cream of Dallas Ad Agencies – Moving Brands Forward

Things to add to my resume: I survived my first ad agency party, courtesy of the greenlight open house, and if any agency knows how to throw a party, it’s greenlight.

With dancing, drinking, eating, and not to mention the best photo booth experience I’m sure any of us have ever had, greenlight continues to add to the list of ways any future office I work in will fall short of what I am experiencing here. Not that I’m worried, though, considering how many previous employees and interns were welcomed last night with hugs and screams of excitement. Every attendee, for that matter, seemed to have some incredible story to tell about his or her laughter-filled adventures with greenlight.

As I enter the final month and a half of my internship, I am more than ready to find out what stories I will be telling when I return to greenlight in the future for yet another incredible party. Especially if all of them are followed by breakfast tacos and leftover desserts in the break room in the next morning.


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