Cream of Dallas Ad Agencies – Moving Brands Forward

When one anticipates their first day of the “real world”, visions of awkward handshakes and confusion typically dance in ones head. Let me be the first to tell you that this vision does not apply to greenlight. Instead, I walked in with hugs, a greenlight tshirt, and free cookies. With this greeting, I’m confident I could become a morning person in no time.


Having graduated from TCU less than a month ago (go frogs), I, like the rest of the post-grad population, was scared about the great unknowns of the real world. Questions typically flood one’s mind, but are never asked due to a feeling of inferiority and fear. However, at greenlight, I immediately felt comfortable to ask questions about overall process and structure. Not only that, but I also felt comfortable in getting to know others on a more personal level. There was no “Let’s go around the room and name your favorite flavor of ice cream and one unique thing about you”. Instead, everything happened on a completely genuine, natural level.


The emphasis on culture at greenlight is something that’s hard to ignore. Collaboration is key, bringing dogs to work is encouraged, and blasting your favorite playlist is always appreciated (except for a little someone named Rick Springfield). Lastly, working hard and being nice to people is always given the greenlight.