Cream of Dallas Ad Agencies – Moving Brands Forward

As a first time ad agency intern, I was a bit anxious when walking up the stairs to the greenlight office. As I apprehensively opened the doors, I saw Jamey who first greeted me. She eagerly introduced herself and then led me to the waiting area. I was then introduced to the other intern, Bentley, and a long and narrow grey box. Brittney walked up next, introduced herself, and told us that everyone who comes to work with greenlight gets a box.

I opened this grey box to discover my first day schedule, the “Guide to Vibe”, business cards, and more. This box not only contained extremely helpful information, but, in its most pure form, it held the company’s corporate culture. I immediately felt at home as I pulled each item out of the box. The “Guide to Vibe” booklet laid out the company’s guidelines and basically explained how things work here in the most modern lingo. The pencils shout funny, yet inspirational words at you. And the business cards make you immediately feel a part of the team.

To be honest, I’ve never felt more welcomed by a box in my life! My first day has been jam packed with information, but also makes me very excited to see what my future holds this summer with greenlight.