Cream of Dallas Ad Agencies – Moving Brands Forward

You know how you imagine video shoots with big fancy lights, a director yelling “cut”, and lots of beautiful people walking around? Well, that’s exactly how the Gold’s Gym photo and video shoot last week actually was. I was amazed at how real everything was. There are so many people involved, from makeup artists to creative directors. And everyone is working towards the same goal. The past couple of weeks leading up to this were focused on portraying that goal. How do you convey how miraculous this family’s weight loss transformation was? What color lights should be flashing to show the intensity of a cycling class? What type angle should be shot to show the intimacy of this group workout class?


It was absolutely incredible to see this all come together before my eyes. Storyboards and scribbled notes turned into something incredible and real. Something so real and inspiring, in fact, that even tears were shed. At the stories of weight loss struggle, at the bond a couple formed after becoming healthier together, at just how confident everyone seemed during their photoshoot. How lucky am I to be able to experience something like this on my second week of interning here! I didn’t just witness all of this, but I actually got to give my input. My logo design that I blogged about last time was chosen (happy dance!), my voice on set was heard and respected and even put into action. The collaborative, creative culture at greenlight translated on set and made the shoot that much more successful.  Overall, it was one of the coolest things I’ve ever been a part of… And that’s a wrap!