Cream of Dallas Ad Agencies – Moving Brands Forward

Wake up and smell the bacon. And research the bacon. And design some bacon. And create some bacon swag. That’s a glimpse into my daily routine for the past couple of days. Jealous yet? You should be.


As if Erik, our CEO, isn’t busy enough, he also has partnered up with two friends to host BBQ events throughout the year. They found their BBQ smoker on Craiglist, picked it up from a sketchy dirt lot in a small Texas town, and the rest is history.


To really kick things up a notch at the next Bacon Bash (yes this is real, keep reading), Alaina and I have been put in charge of creating some special bacon swag for Erik and his team. Any type of gear that can incorporate bacon and/or barbeque, we’re on it. Go pig or go home.


In order to do this, we’ve researched things like our target market, objective, message, tone, and various types of gear and accessories that we could include. For our message, we asked if we should take a humorous approach. Should it be a modern culinary experience or a more traditional heritage approach? What distinguishes Texas BBQ from regular BBQ? (Greatness.) What are some terms that BBQ enthusiasts could connect with? Oh, and can I have some bacon to help boost my creative juices?


The best kind of job is one where you not only learn a lot, but also enjoy every second of it. This seems to be the case here.