Cream of Dallas Ad Agencies – Moving Brands Forward

Social media has slowly evolved into one of the biggest forms of advertising. More consumers are looking to follow businesses on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. This means that companies are trying to figure out how to gain more followers, as well as engage their followers.

One of the most important aspects of businesses using social media is that the brand stays consistent on all platforms. The greenlight team came to Bentley and me and gave us the task of developing a social media campaign and other marketing efforts for Plum Yoga, and man we have been working our asana's off.

Setting the tone. How should Plum sound? Figuring out how to engage their followers. Do they like to comment on photos or tag their friends? There are many steps that go into this process, but the most valuable information comes from the business itself. The guide to guru. 

Knowing the vibe and energy coming from Plum will help us develop the best strategy for them. It is important to first understand the business so that the marketing efforts and social media campaign are in line with the values and objectives of the company. Through this, we will know how to properly aim at their target market, and successfully produce (om)azing results for Plum Yoga.