Cream of Dallas Ad Agencies – Moving Brands Forward

It’s funny. Although I haven’t been at greenlight for very long, I have grown attached to my coworkers, the office, and the culture. I usually walk in everyday to Jamey’s welcoming smile, then pass Olivia’s office, through account service, and into my little 1984 room with Bentley. The routine started to feeling very comfortable, and I looked forward to it every morning.

But sometimes, things change. greenlight has moved to a new location. I felt hesitant when I first walked through the new glass doors today.

The space is HUGE, bright, open, and the organization is a bit different now. I walked in to my coworkers getting their desks settled, construction workers continuing to put our new home together, and sitting across the room from Bentley.

Although everything seems so different, it is somehow still the same. It still has the same faces. The same attitude. The same feeling. greenlight may be in a new building,  the drive might be a little further, I may have moved desks, but we still remain greenlight.  We are home.