Cream of Dallas Ad Agencies – Moving Brands Forward

You would think that after only being here a little over a month, a move to a new office wouldn’t feel too weird. The original office wouldn’t have quite felt like home yet, so what’s the big deal in moving to another new space? Well, let me be the first to say that wasn’t the case here. I felt at home the first week I started my internship. While other coworkers certainly have more memories and attachments to the old greenlight space, I too experienced a bittersweet feeling when moving offices this past weekend. The people and overall atmosphere has been so incredibly welcoming and comfortable that I felt like that office was my home too.


But as the nostalgic feeling passed, I became excited about the new space and all of the potential it has. So here’s to exciting new opportunities and memories to come! As I walked into the big glass doors for the first time, there was already a clean spot set out for me with new greenlight tshirts (featuring our awesome new logo). Given this entrance, how could I not be excited?! The new space truly reflects who greenlight is… Its open concept allows for even more collaboration and interaction, and the sunlight constantly streams in so I never feel confined in a cubicle type atmosphere. Sometimes I forget that a job is something that some people actually dread. That’s been a foreign concept to me this summer. Music is always playing, people are always laughing, yet work is always getting done. And not just getting done, but absolutely killing it in the ad world. Keep doin’ you greenlight, I’m just happy to be a part of something so innovative and inspiring.