Cream of Dallas Ad Agencies – Moving Brands Forward

Today I got to sit in on a meeting with Meredith from Clampitt Paper. For those of you who have never heard of Clampitt, it’s essentially where all designers go to drool over different pieces of paper (“You have Mohawk’s Curious Collection in metallic?! No. Way.”). Meredith, flipped through a book that contained a variety of paper types and textures while the designers and I oohed and aahed, rubbing our hands over every page. We learned that using something different than your standard weighted white paper can take your design and quality of work to the next level, making a lasting impression on a customer’s subconscious. The theme that we discussed was taking something from “Good to Great”. Deciding to go with uncoated paper, metallic ink, or linen paper is a simple change that makes a huge difference.


As I thought about this concept, I realized it reminded me a lot of greenlight. They’re not just an agency that shows up 9-6 and puts in an average amount of work and interacts with coworkers only when necessary. They take it to the next level with simple changes: greeting each other when one walks in the door and asking “what if” to a design that’s already met basic requirements and expectations. They make sure to dot their i’s, cross their t’s, and triple check the pixelation. Because caring just that much more makes all the difference. It takes their designs from ‘nice’ to ‘wow’, the environment here from average to enjoyable, and the overall agency from ‘good’ to ‘great’.