Cream of Dallas Ad Agencies – Moving Brands Forward

Unfortunately, my summer at greenlight has come to an end.

I don’t get to walk in tomorrow morning to see Jamey keeping greenlight organized. My Mondays will no longer consist of planning Inwood Village Facebook posts. I don’t get to slide my chair over and say something silly to Sierra. Next Tuesday, Tracy and I won’t get to freak out about who won the Bachelorette. The La Cantera status meetings with Clara and Brittney will be one person short. Kaitlyn’s daily walk around the office won’t include asking how I am. I won’t be looking at bacon for hours on end to help Erik’s Wild Swine team. Olivia won’t be able to walk up to me and say “HI!” in her cheery voice like she usually does. I won’t be assigned any more fun projects with Bentley.

Fortunately, I have gained incredible experience this summer.

I have learned patience and time management from watching Jamey juggle 110 tasks. I have developed more social media skills from working on Inwood Village. I’ve learned that it’s okay to occasionally get off track talking to Sierra and Tracy, as long as you regain your focus after. I’ve been able to observe and see how Account Executives interact with clients- Clara and Brittney are pros. I’ve seen that taking a little break to walk around the office can help you work better in the log run from Kaitlyn. Erik showed me that with something as small as a bacon-cooking contest, you can make your team stand out through marketing and advertising. Olivia’s enthusiasm has taught me that you can make anyone’s day by giving them a big smile and being nice. Working with Bentley, I have gained collaboration skills to kick butt on projects.

But most importantly, I have spent all summer developing lasting relationships with team greenlight. Thank you greenlight- I can’t wait to see what you accomplish in the future! See you later.