Cream of Dallas Ad Agencies – Moving Brands Forward

I walked into the big clear doors of greenlight today and, although it’s my last day interning here, everything seemed a little brighter. Music was playing, people were interacting and laughing, and work was getting cranked out left and right. It was an upbeat and peppy morning, yet people were completely genuine in their enthusiasm to be here.


Maybe it seemed especially bright today because everyone’s celebrating mine and Alaina’s last day, or maybe it seemed brighter because there was an abundance of sweet treats in the office kitchen (hello sugar rush)... But the more likely answer is that I’m just more aware and appreciative of what greenlight is like every. single. day. Day in and day out people are in a good mood because they want to be here. They want to push themselves and put out the best work possible for their clients. They want to spend time with their coworkers they now know as their friends. They want to be a part of this inspiring, creative atmosphere. And I don't blame them; I’m so happy to have been a part of this atmosphere and to experience the genuine light of greenlight. So, keep shinin’ greenlight.