Cream of Dallas Ad Agencies – Moving Brands Forward

There is a point in every college grads life where it suddenly becomes taboo to still be taking on the job title of “intern.” Just thinking about it can leave me hearing my mom’s concerned voice asking, “but aren’t you supposed to get a real job now?” And in most circumstances, I would understand this concern. But at greenlight, you just have to be here to understand. The second you begin, you are as much a part of the team as anyone who has been here since day one. And it all begins with a box.

Ah yes, the box. As one-half of the second pair of interns to grace the wall of the Internal Journal, it’d be a big fat lie to say I hadn’t checked out what writings the summer interns left behind. So of course, I’d heard about this handy lil box. Most useful part of the box thus far? This amazing sheet of paper with everyone’s names and a picture. Because who am I kidding, there’s no way I remembered what faces went with what names when I was introduced on my first day. So when directed to hand something off to a specific person on the creative side, it is likely that I will be seen peering into my handy grey box at my desk for at least a few days.  The first week at any job, the hard part is never the work, it's socially recovering from awkwardly staring at someone with your mouth open for five minutes trying to remember if this is even the person you were supposed to hand that project off to.

Thank you greenlight, not only for allowing me to be a part of your amazing Dallas advertising team for the next few weeks, but also for understanding that face-name recognition is not a course offered at most colleges.