Cream of Dallas Ad Agencies – Moving Brands Forward

At some places, being an intern means coffee runs and alphabetizing files, while getting only a little taste of what the actual industry may function like. At others, it means being fully immersed in the company culture and assuming the position of a (temporary) new hire. No matter what side of the spectrum you are at, starting an internship somewhere is very intimidating no matter how little or how much they expect of you.

And when you're walking in somewhere that's jam packed with creative minds and powerful insights and ideas, you have two choices as an intern: let the fear of it get in the way of what you could contribute, or get over it and go for it. 

If there's anything greenlight has done for me in my first week here as an intern, it's encourage me to go for it. I've been immediately welcomed with open arms and given the responsibility of completing jobs on my own as if I am full time here. I just met everyone last week, yet the confidence they have in my ability to churn out quality work within the timeframe of this fast paced industry is unfaltering. This creative agency fosters more than just growth as a creative and it's an experience that is invaluable as a designer with a malleable mind. I'm excited to see what I can contribute and learn in my time as a green light intern and I'm ready to give everything I've got and just go.