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This is the third summer that I’ve had an internship, and by now, I can state that “miscellaneous” is the name of the internship game.

Each summer, with this one being no exception, I regularly have people ask me what I do for my internship. It is always a loaded question, because the nature of internships is that there is a large array of things that I “do.” Whether it is brainstorming social media posts, planning an event, packaging deliveries, or running any given errand, there is no confining description for the job of an intern.

Prior to having any professional work experience, I think it is a common misconception that your future professional job will be fairly singular in its responsibilities. Throughout my time thus far at greenlight, I can see that not only are internships not singular in tasks, but the jobs of full-time employees are not singular either – regardless of position title. People help out in whatever tasks they can, and do whatever is needed for greenlight to produce the best work possible.

What I’ve come to learn is that there is great value behind the diverse assortment of intern tasks. It allows for exposure to an array of skillsets, and through this, it allows for learning about your own skillsets. At this stage of my pre-career life, that exposure is immensely beneficial.

In reality, “miscellaneous” is fun. It keeps things interesting, and prevents things from feeling stale. I’m grateful for the “miscellaneous.”

Until next time!