Cream of Dallas Ad Agencies – Moving Brands Forward

An interesting start to my second week at greenlight, I arrived Monday morning to a surprise on my desk (which I instantly put on my snapchat story, of course): a Nerf gun. I mentioned last week that I’m trying to learn how to #adult, but I think someone here is trying to bring out my inner child. When I said I was battling adulthood, I didn’t mean it this literally.

My logical side tells me that this was just an accident, but I still can’t help but wonder, as I look around every corner while working on the creative brief for our intern project, if I’m about to be a part of a spontaneous, agency-wide Nerf gun war. It may sound crazy, and it would be if this were any other company, but something about greenlight’s culture leads me to believe that this could actually happen.

Not that everyone spends their days goofing off, because I’ve already learned so much about how ad agencies work in my short time here. I only mean to say that the people at greenlight know the perfect balance of work and fun. They are a family (and what family hasn’t had a good, old-fashioned Nerf gun battle?) and it’s something you instantly feel when you enter the office.

This is what I was most looking for in my summer internship: a job that was challenging, but surrounded by fun and supportive people, and I know that I’ve found that here at greenlight.

Wish me luck in case this battle actually happens. In the meantime, back to work.