Cream of Dallas Ad Agencies – Moving Brands Forward

For most, change invokes, however minute or grand, a feeling of anxiousness. When I walked into greenlight’s office on my last day, the anxiousness was nowhere in sight. Of course, it could have been that greenlight is heading into a weeklong holiday break, but I think it’s more the fact that when a place begins to feel like home, that feeling doesn’t ever really go away.

But if there is one thing to thank greenlight for, it’s for reinforcing my desire to take the creative route.

It seems from the moment we learn to speak, we are asked to figure out what we want to do with our lives. It better be practical and it better put food on the table. Even though I’ve been writing since kindergarten, I pushed that passion to the back of my priority list. After all, as many teachers told me, “you’ll never find a good job as a writer.”

I tried to incorporate writing into my education as best as I could. I jumped from journalism, to public relations, and finally found a home in advertising. Even in advertising, though, the unpredictability of a creative career path weighed on me. I told myself I would stick to the business side of the industry, like any practical girl should.

Then came greenlight. While I came to greenlight focused on account service, here and there, I was given creative projects. When I’d go home at the end of those days of writing, they were the days I felt the happiest.

After years of trying to push writing out of my life, greenlight reinstated my passion. And while I’m only as certain about my future career as any 24-year-old can be, I am certain of one thing: I am a writer, down to my bones. And for that, greenlight, I am forever grateful.

While it is strange to know I’ll take all of my belongings with me when I leave greenlight for the last time, it is calming to know that I’ve found a place I will always be welcome. No matter what hurdles I face or where my career leads me, I always hold onto the fact that there is an agency of people in Dallas that I can call on for advice.

Until we meet again, GL!