Cream of Dallas Ad Agencies – Moving Brands Forward

Ah, summer. The perfect time for binge watching your favorite shows on Netflix and reading books for pleasure, since the school year doesn’t really allow for either. I shamefully finished the newest season of “Orange is the New Black” within one week of its release, so I’ve decided to hit the books, and it appears I’m not alone.

Lunchtime at greenlight has turned into reading hour for some. We each finish eating and take to one of the many comfortable corners of the office for some time to ourselves before getting back to work.

This sparked a conversation today: why don’t we have a greenlight book club?

A key skill in advertising, we’ve discussed in my account planning class, is the ability to see things through the perspective of another. (Aside from advertising, it’s just a good life skill, really.) Reading new books is another way opening our eyes to new perspectives, and the book club could be just another way to make the culture at greenlight even closer.

As far as greenlight clubs go, we’ve already got #glXL doing BBG, we’ve got the Beyoncé vs. Taylor Swift rivalries, so why not start a new group to crack open a cold one with the boys book with the agency.

Any suggestions?