Cream of Dallas Ad Agencies – Moving Brands Forward

A significant take-away from my time at greenlight thus far is that you can’t, or at least shouldn’t, do anything alone. I’ve experienced first hand that the more people who can get their hands on a project, the better the final product.

It is my impression that my higher-ups here at greenlight had this in mind when they designed the structure of the internship program - with an account services intern, creative intern, and social media intern. By designating certain categories of responsibilities to each intern, yet having us collaborate on the same projects, it is inevitable that we each add our own special-something to whatever we’re working on.

The Memphis Street Collective is a perfect example of this. Essentially a marketplace-styled event, we interns were given the summer-long project of bringing every aspect of the event to life. From the initial concept, to contacting and coordinating with vendors, to a promotional campaign and everything in between, the project wouldn’t be possible without not only the unique talents that each intern brings to the table, but also the support of everyone within the agency.

At greenlight, nobody is ever expected to do anything all on their own – and that feels good. Truly, it’s a reflection of the culture here. Working in such a supportive environment is not something that I take for granted!