Cream of Dallas Ad Agencies – Moving Brands Forward

For full time ad agency employees, having your work transform from creative concept into a physical material happens pretty often. I’m sure that feeling of holding your work in your hands for the first time never grows dull, but I can imagine the feeling normalizes.

However, for us interns, having work that started from us spit-balling ideas in a brainstorm session turn into printed media was a first.

The job was the Memphis Street Collective – our intern project for the summer. Specifically, the event posters and flyers for the event are what made it to the printer. Truly, the credit for the posters and flyers belongs to Robin, our creative intern, as he designed them. But still, seeing the materialization of a project I had a hand in was a rewarding feeling none-the-less. Seeing Robin’s glowing face when he saw his printed designs was pretty awesome too.

When my time at greenlight has concluded and I reminisce on my intern experience here, the moment that the printing company’s delivery service dropped off the shiny stack of plastic wrapped posters is one I’ll never forget.