Cream of Dallas Ad Agencies – Moving Brands Forward

greenlight’s 2017 resolution? To live a 'more inspired life.' I know, my banker husband is shaking his head wondering what the hell that even means. It means something, honest. Let me rant for a moment. Being a creative thinker is harder than it looks. We believe you have to have a healthy work/life blend to be truly creative... it's about being just as happy at home as you are at work. It’s about pushing yourself to think differently at work AND at home. And when you put these ideas into motion, you’re living what we can “an inspired life”. In November, our team spent an afternoon with Rocky Garza of Staff Retreat Co. and we mapped out our personal identities. Short version: We determined HOW we operate and defined personal values for the WHY and combined those with WHAT we do. The idea is that everything you do should align with your map. If they don’t, you won’t be happy. If you’re not happy, you’re never going to create anything. If you don’t create anything, well…that’s just making me depressed thinking about it. It’s far from inspiring. In the new year, we’re using our identity maps to find inspiration in our professional and personal lives. In the agency, we all have a deeper understanding of each other, what makes us flourish, how we think and adversely, what stops our ideas from forming. At home, I personally share hopes for the future, nurturing my need for connection and teach my children generosity. This harmonious blend is giving me an inspired life. One that I never want to lose!

-Olivia Cole, COO