Cream of Dallas Ad Agencies – Moving Brands Forward

When I wake up in the morning my first conscious thought aside from “Where’s the coffee?!” is “What am I going to wear today?” I grew up believing that what you wear matters because what you’re wearing is one of the first impressions someone is going to have of you. Even to this day my mom tells me to always dress up to get on an airplane because you never know whom you’re going to meet. Turns out, there’s some science to back up that what you wear actually does matter. Recent studies have shown that breaking out of your normal status quo of attire can boost your confidence, help you focus and give you an edge into bigger-picture thinking. I’ve found that when I’m in an outfit I feel confident in, my energy and optimism skyrockets. So how can you achieve this same high? Break out of the norm, browse fashion blogs and use the excited feeling you get looking at an outfit as inspiration to put together an outfit of your own that will give you the same feeling!

-Morgan Montague, Account Executive