Cream of Dallas Ad Agencies – Moving Brands Forward

Last night was a cool evening for our agency. We hooked up with our friends at Café Momentum to mentor an art project about Racial Justice. What does a 39-year old white woman living in North Dallas know about feelings of racial injustice? Not much. But I listened and learned. I worked with Christina on bringing her emotions to life in a mural. Christina didn’t feel confident in her ability to communicate her feelings with pictures, so it was a pretty awesome dialog. We both shared our points of view and experiences and created a pretty cool piece of art. The idea was all hers, I just followed her direction.

Being a mentor is one the most rewarding things you can do for yourself. Not only will you learn about yourself, your community and your gift, you will…

  1. Connect with someone on a level that’s honest and raw. So good for the soul.
  2. Be asked questions that you can’t answer, and will be pushed to be (and do) more.
  3. Provide someone with a confidant, a place to go for guidance when they feel off course.

I always tell our greenlighters to “Be a teacher. Stay a Student.” Set up monthly check-ins with your mentor, talk about setbacks and successes. LEARN from them. And pass it FORWARD. Just as good as chicken noodle soup.

-Olivia Cole, COO