Cream of Dallas Ad Agencies – Moving Brands Forward

When Harvey made landfall in Houston on August 25, we knew two things. We knew the devastation would be like nothing Texas had seen in our lifetime and we knew that Texans from all around the state would rally around our Houston family. Texans are some of the most resilient, compassionate and creative people in the world. This is apparent in the droves of T-shirt designs benefiting hurricane relief that have come out since the Hurricanes and subsequent flooding.

Sometimes a simple design is what it takes to make a difference. It’s incredible to see local businesses and designers use their craft for something so good, without any hesitation.

Purchase one (or all!) of the T-shirts we gathered below and you will be making a donation to help aid the victims of the hurricane and flooding (and you’ll also get a badass tee your friends will want to steal, so maybe buy some for your friends, too).

Have we missed any? Send them our way and we’ll add to our list.