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I’ve hosted Christmas dinner since my oldest son, now 12, was born. The “big meal” in itself seems to provide an unnecessary stress for most people, but I’ve managed to find a way to create an experience that brings joy to just about everyone – including me!

How do I do it?

  1. Prep all meals the day before (or buy pre-made dishes!). This really is the number one rule because it keeps you calm, cool and collected on the most joyous day of the year!

  2. Share the responsibility. Every dinner party needs a mixologist, a table decorator, cooks and dish washers. So let your guests help! This will free you up to be more engaged with your guests, and to ensure that they’re going to remember the experience that you designed for them.

  3. Let the music set the mood. Prepare your playlist before anyone arrives and pick at least one song for each guest. People will sing along - and nothing can make someone more comfortable than hearing the sound of a familiar song.

  4. Assigned seating. Sitting around a table with family and friends should be fun, not stressful. Find connections between people and sit them near each other. In addition, our family has a tradition of Christmas Crackers at each place setting, and the games inside typically help any lulled conversations along.

  5. Let them know how happy you are to have them there. Time we have with our loved ones should be time that we cherish. Your dinner party wouldn’t be what it is without the people who are there. Whether it’s a note the next morning or a small takeout container of cake, find a way to express your gratitude for the time they spent with your family in your home.


We captured the first night’s meal from our annual retreat and I’m excited to share it with you. So from our table to yours, we wish all of our friends, clients and family HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Take a peek:

-Olivia Cole, COO