Cream of Dallas Ad Agencies – Moving Brands Forward

Tucked into the coast of Oregon sits The Inn at Arch Cape, a 6-unit inn run by Heather Newman and Chris Anderson (formerly of Dallas). When the couple bought the inn in May 2017, they looked to greenlight to help rebrand the inn and consult on the guest experience.

[I should first lay my cards out on the table – the owners happen to be my sister and Erik’s lifetime friend. We were pretty much given carte blanche on this dream project.]

While all destination-driven businesses should strive to be as local as they can, it’s especially important that hotels embrace and reflect their local culture in all they do. Branding, partnerships and packages should be authentic and give their guests an authentic taste of what the location has to offer.

The branding of the inn drew inspiration from historic images and textures of the inn, the community and pristine coastline.

Coming into the small community of Arch Cape (pop. 242), it was important the inn connect with as many of the local artisans and craftsman as we could. We needed to get a feel for the community, the guests who came to visit and the talents of the incredible people who chose the Arch Cape area as their home. Through this understanding, we are able to communicate and produce moments, landmarks and comforts that reflect the culture of this special town.

-Olivia Cole, COO