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Who wants to be more productive, alert and energetic at work? Everyone, right? Well my friends, I’ve found a way. During January I did #Whole30 (so hard, really rewarding!) and learned more than anything that you are what you eat. For 30 days I only put good things in my body. The result — My productivity at work went through the roof. I was accomplishing more in a day than I would’ve ever thought possible. Even though it’s over, I’ve developed a weekday routine for work. So far, it’s helped me keep the clarity and energy that I had in January. If you’re interested in making similar changes, I recommend #Whole30 but start small. The plan itself can be pretty daunting (No cheese? No wine? No bread?!), but start by making your afternoon snack a healthy one. I roast and season almonds that I can snack on all week. I also always make sure I bring a piece of fruit to work. It’s refreshing and a natural kick of sugar that helps me finish the day strong.

An Experiment in Productivity: Does Diet Really Help You Be More Productive? Part 1

-Brittney Stephens, Account Supervisor