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Mental health in the office – Start the conversation

Have you ever noticed it’s difficult to work when you have the flu? Between the sneezing fits and exhaustion, it’s hard to focus on the job at hand. Now, imagine feeling just as terrible but every day and without the ability to take extended time off. This is common for people living with a psychological disorder. While perceptions are improving in society as a whole, in the professional realm the topic of mental health continues to carry a negative connotation.

Here’s a fun fact: 1 in 5 adult Americans suffer from some form of mental health disorder. That’s 42.5 million people who walk into work silently battling an inner storm their colleagues may know nothing about. It’s time to start the conversation and talk more about mental health. Office culture is more important than ever, so with that in mind, this taboo subject is something worth exploring. Open dialogue in the office fosters understanding and acceptance, and it benefits the company by boosting productivity and employee retention.

Companies like greenlight have found a way to create an open, inclusive culture. Each employee is like a member of the family. We are valued individually, just as much as the business. What better way to cultivate a collaborative work environment than by promoting self-assurance and support just like a family. We are all creative, and Sylvia Plath said it best, “the worst enemy of creativity is self-doubt.”

-Lauren Rasins, Creative Coordinator